September 22, 2014 SPDRE User


SPDRE stands for the “Sullivan PDR Estimator.”

SPDRE is a complete solution for all your PDR needs, providing estimating and invoicing for hail, ding route work, and large dent estimates. It can be used through a Web browser or through our mobile apps. For an overview of SPDRE, visit our SPDRE 101 section of this blog or watch an overview video on our Web site.

You just create an account on your PC by clicking on the “free trial” button. After signing up, download the SPDRE mobile App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.. Log in using the same username and password you created. For an overview of SPDRE, visit our SPDRE 101 section of this blog or watch an overview video on our Web site.
SPDRE costs only $24.99/month if purchased on a monthly basis. You can get ONE month FREE (a $50 savings) by purchasing a 6-month subscription for $124.99, or, get THREE months free ($150 savings) by purchasing a 12-month subscription for $224.99.

Co-Sponsored Users are:
$24.99 each per month subscription
$124.99 each per 6 month subscription
$224.99 each per 1 year subscription                                                                              

Yes you can create  .pdf invoices. With hail estimates you can generate invoices for Retail, Shop, and Supplements for Insurance.  Documents generated are Authorization to Pay and Direction to pay along with a Payment breakdown document for the Techs.   Every estimate you create is saved in your online account, so you can access it, edit it, email it, print it, or delete it at any time you like.                                                        

Yes! You can take photos as you do the estimates or supplements. These pics automatically attach to the estimates and can be sent by email or printed, together or separately. You can take upwards to thirteen photos for each estimate.
Any device that can browse the Internet can access the online version of the Sullivan PDR Estimator. The app can be downloaded to the Apple Iphone, Ipad, Ipad Mini and Android phone and tablets                                                                                                                                          
Account use is controlled by number of devices rather than number of people. In other words, each account is linked to only one person (or organization) and may be accessed on multiple devices. For example, a single SPDRE account could be used on an office computer, a tablet, and a phone. Or, a single account could be used on three different tablets. How, when, and where you access your account is completely up to you.                                                                                                          

Yes. You can generate estimates offline but you will need to be online before you can email or print with wifi.                                                                                                                                                   

Yes. You can add as many users to your account that you need. They can be employees or sub-contractors. This allows you to have techs do their own estimates at the shops and dealers that you allow them to work. Everything they do is automatically synced to your device.
If you let your subscription expire all of your information will still be accessible on the app and website. You won’t be able to edit or do estimates until you resubscribe. Your info will always be on the webserver.

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