There’s Still More That PDR Can Do For Insurers!

In 2003, a new PDR pricing matrix for automotive hail damage began saving insurers many millions of dollars per year in repair costs.  It’s no exaggeration to say that PDR estimating technology truly revolutionized the industry!  And it can do it again now.

Paintless Dent Repair is not just for hail damage; it’s been used for decades on dings and large dents, too.  While not every dent is PDR-possible, many of them are—and they are a daily occurrence in body shops all year round.

So why not take advantage of PDR to save repair costs for dings and large dents, too? 

Well, up until now, there has been a very good reason for that:  there has been no widely-available way to scientifically price dents of all sizes and difficulties.  But there is now!

Sullivan PDR Estimator™ has completely solved the problem with the launch of our estimating app for Android and iPhone.  It features three estimating modules:  Large Dent, Ding Route™, and Hail.

Our Large Dent estimator is the one that finally ushers in the full PDR savings for the insurance industry.  It uses proprietary algorithms to render precise estimates for dents of any size and difficulty—even for dents big enough to span the largest of automotive panels.

Our Large Dent matrix is not just some “ballpark” price approximator, and it’s not a theoretical scheme.  It was developed from several years’ worth of real-world repair data from PDR professionals across the US.

It renders prices that we know will satisfy actual technicians anywhere, and that will save insurers significantly on repair costs.  It has been in use online since 2011, on iPhone and iPad since 2014, and finally, has rolled out for Android in late 2017.  So, the time has come!


You’ll find that Sullivan PDR Estimator is very affordable at only $37.50 per month (when purchased on an annual basis).  See our pricing details here.



Download either mobile app right now for a free 30-day trial.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and select “Large Dent” on the menu screen.  (Here’s a screen shot below, showing you where to press.)   Just enter a length and width for a dent, along with whatever other details you like, and you’ll have a retail PDR price* immediately.  That’s how easy it is.  In just one minute, you can save hundreds of dollars on a repair by estimating it for PDR instead of conventional!

*The price you will get is a fair-market PDR price for an area with a local body labor rate of $35.  You’ll learn later how to set the local body labor rate for any estimate you do. 

If you have any questions at all about Sullivan PDR Estimator, don’t hesitate to contact Jim Sullivan at 615-476-0114, or to contact us here.