SPDRE 2.0 Has Arrived

This release is big, Big, BIG! SPDRE now has multi-user functionality and more. See details on our blog.

Core App Features

  • Owner information
  • Shop information (sales tax, labor rate, discount, and more)
  • Dealer information (multiple contacts, price per car, and more)
  • Insurance information (claim number, workfile ID, and more)
  • Vehicle information (with new and improved VIN scanner)
  • Add Photos (multiple per car/panel)
  • Add R&I hours and/or prices
  • Take notes for any panel
  • Choose difficulty factors for any panel (automatically adjusts the pricing)
  • Assign PDR and R&I Techs to vehicle repairs
  • Generate an invoice
  • Generate an insurance supplement
  • Email (new and improved)
  • Print
Ding Route™

  • Software for organizing your mobile dent repair jobs and business.
  • Put multiple cars on one invoice.
  • Do per car or per panel pricing
  • Assign default price per car for specific dealers, or override to set your own price.
  • Generate invoice and statement documents.

  • Software for creating estimates for hail damage repair.
  • Create either a Hail Estimate or a Hail Supplement.
  • Choose a pricing matrix from multiple insurance companies.
  • Choose a panel from the list.
  • Enter if panel is aluminum or high-strength steel.
  • Enter the number of dents.
  • Prices side panels up to 201-250 dent category.
  • Enter dent size (D, N, Q, H).
  • Enter number of oversized (if any).
  • Enter pricing for oversized.
  • Choose appropriate difficulty factors.
  • Calculates for corrosion protection.
  • Account for every panel, including these classifications: No damage, PDR, PTP, Conventional Repair.
  • Add photos as needed per panel.
Large Dents

  • Software for estimating large and irregular dent repair.
  • Estimate dents of any size, up to several feet across.
  • Enter dent length (in inches or centimeters).
  • Enter dent width.
  • Enter dent depth (shallow, medium, deep—defaults to “medium”).
  • Choose appropriate difficulty factors (creased, over a brace, near edge, body lines, etc.).
  • Override the resulting price as desired.
  • Add photos as needed per panel.


  • This web-version-only feature gives you standard hours for conventional repair of dents of any size.
  • Bodytime™ hours are multiplied by local body labor rates to get you market-specific pricing data.
  • You can use this data to decide how you want to price your large dent work.

What’s New

True multi-user collaboration is now available in SPDRE. Now you can manage unlimited users at multiple sites, see how much your techs made during a given period, and get notified of duplicate VIN and Stock numbers (to name a few new features)!

We’ve also fixed bugs, and added features that users asked us for…

Now you can:

  • filter estimates on Dealer or Shop.
  • search for estimates by VIN, Stock#, Make-Model, Invoice#, PO or RO
  • organize estimates by up to 5 different statuses (Estimated, Scheduled, Completed, Billed, and Paid for Hail and Large Dent estimates; Estimated, Approved, Billed, and Paid for Ding estimates).
  • separate Hail, Ding, and Large Dent estimates onto separate screens.
  • schedule estimates for repair.
  • send email with relevant attachments from the device instead of from our server (if desired), thus putting your email address as the sender.
  • add parts to supplement.
  • easily contact us from within the app to send feedback, questions, or to report any issues you might encounter.
  • change your settings and account info in the app instead of having to use the web app.
  • set labor rate on the Insurance screen if desired (taking precedence over a labor rate entered on the Shop screen).
  • activate the flashlight to assist with VIN scanning, if needed.

Now Here: Quickbooks!

For more information on our most recent features, improvements, and bug fixes, please visit our blog.

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