Digital Estimating for PDR Is Finally Full-grown!

We invented the world’s original and best digital Large Dent estimator, and now we have Ding Route and Hail!


  • Estimate dents of any size, up to several feet across.
  • Price soft hits for insurance claims.
  • Enter both length and width for accurate estimates on large dents of any shape.
  • Handles detailed difficulty factors per dent.
  • Mark estimates as:  Estimated, Scheduled, Completed, Billed, or Paid
  • + Many more features!

  • Organize your mobile dent repair jobs and business like never before!
  • Put multiple cars on one invoice.
  • Price jobs per-car or per-panel.
  • Assign default price per car for specific dealers, or override to set your own price.
  • Mark estimates as:  Estimated, Approved, Billed, or Paid
  • + Many more features!

  • Create hail estimates and supplements.
  • Choose our SPDRE pricing matrix, or one from multiple insurers.
  • Account for every panel, including these classifications: No damage, PDR, PTP, Conventional Repair.
  • Add photos as needed per panel.
  • Mark estimates as:  Estimated, Scheduled, Completed, Billed, or Paid
  • + Many more features!

Core App Features

  • Smooth workflow–designed with the user in mind.
  • Generates:
    • Estimates
    • Supplements
    • Invoices
    • Authorization to Pay
    • Work Assignments (send estimates to techs)
  • Input Information about:
    • Owner
    • Shop (sales tax, labor rate, discount, and more)
    • Dealer (multiple contacts, price per car, and more)
    • Insurance (claim number, workfile ID, and more)
    • Vehicle (with VIN scanner feature)
    • RO and PO numbers
  • Add Photos–multiple per car/panel
  • Add R&I–hours and/or prices
  • Add Parts–numbers, prices, and labor
  • Take notes for any panel
  • Choose from many difficulty factors for any panel (automatically adjusts the pricing)
  • Assign PDR and R&I Techs to vehicle repairs
  • Generates invoices and an invoice
  • Generate an insurance supplement
  • Email
  • Print

Integration Features

  • QuickBooks integration
  • Multi-User accounts–send and receive assignments to and from other SPDRE users

Use SPDRE on your computer and/or your mobile devices!